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Get Wired-Up is a hands-on feel-good social event Overall, the customer experience at a wire wrapping jewelry event is a fun and interactive way to learn a new rewarding skill, create personalized Jewelry, and engage with other like-minded individuals. Each event will have a preselected design. Upon arrival, you will be invited to select your favorite items from the collections of stunning natural gemstones and world-famous Swarovski crystals and pearls, hand-blown glass beads, and natural pearls. After selecting your stones, you will decide whether to work with Silver or gold wires to create your masterpiece and find a seat where your tools and Jewelry mats are. You will be introduced to other participants throughout the event and encouraged to ask questions and socialize. Under the guidance of the jewelry designers, verbal instructions coupled with visual and written directions, everyone will learn wire wrapping techniques, such as creating loops, coils, and spirals using pliers and wire while making a beautiful piece of wearable art. Remember you are with us to have fun and socialize. Learning something new is the bonus of introducing you to this colorful world of jewelry making. At the end of the event, everyone will have a finished piece of Jewelry to take home with them. You will also have the option to purchase additional materials or attend future events to develop your wire wrapping skills further

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