Through the Silence of Darkness by Gulten Dye
In the mind of each individual resides the hero, the victim, the innocent, the villain, the lover, the sage, the savage, the ruler, the explorer, and the creator. Oftentimes, we aren’t brave enough to acknowledge their presence, or their reckless behavior, as our own. When one or more of our characters, or the characters of another, throws us into the iron grip of darkness, mending our broken hearts doesn’t seem to be possible.


My book is about looking into the minds of our characters, to gain wisdom from their journey through the unlit corners of the silence of darkness, and our struggle to reach the light. They seem to say, “I had to learn my way around in the darkness on my own. If you would allow me to sit with you while you gather the courage, I would like to join you on your own journey back toward the light”.


Isabel’s fears came to fruition on the tragic day of her children’s death. How could she find the strength to go on living, and what price would she pay for her own salvation?


Through the Silence of Darkness is an epic story that spans three generations of a family that descends from Russian royalty. The matriarch, Alexandria, spends a lifetime entangled in the chaos created by the Bolshevik revolution, determined to protect her family’s heritage and royal blood line.


From concentration camps to modern tragedy, from Alexandria to Isabel, Through the Silence of Darkness explores the human spirit and how we cope with, and ultimately overcome, the trauma of our lives.

Through the Silence of Darkness

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