Guardian bell keeps Harley riders safe

At 4 feet 3 inches when one of my goddesses Lorraine who walks with the aid of a cane, who brings joy to me and everyone else who happens to be in my shop at the moment of her arrival, told me about Oatman I knew I had no choice but to check it out.

One of the reasons I so look forward seeing her once a month is because every time I am in her presence, “I see love” in it's rare form, radiating from every inch of her inner being.

I must say having Celine Dion and Rachel Ray once as a client is something else in my journey as jewelry maker, but having Lorraine as a client is a charitable honor.

In her radiant attitude toward all things is something I would love to adapt right now and instead of fearfully clinging to life at any any part of my journey I will choose joy as an ultimate companion to share with everyone just like her.

Unbeknownst to me and my boyfriend we choose the same day as the bikers who were participating in this years Hurley run. This small rustic town, where Burros share the only main street with, peeps and cars was very colorful on that day because of the bikers.

Oatman which resides on root 66 is definitely worth visiting. As for us after checking some of the stores and trying to communicate with Burros 😜 .

On our walk little pass the small town I found a bell which had Harley Davidson logo.

So when we went inside the one of the bars to share a cold beer, we met two gentlemen which we started a conversation with.

At one point something inside of me said to give the bell I found to the man, who was sitting closest to us. So you can guess surprise when he accepted the bell with excitement and told us how he was a motorcyclist and a bell like this one was to be hung from under the bike for protection.

And although you could hang more than one bell he told us, he didn't have any because traditionally the bell was to be a gift for it to work.

I send a silent blessing their way from now to eternity and we left them there after wishing them both a safe journey back home.

Yes of course we had ice cream which was delicious and celebrated yet another beautiful moment of our life, and filled moments of it with the wonderful people we found along the way of our journey.

And yes Oatman was wonderful because we decided to perceive it like that


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