Ohhhhh wow

It’s either another amazing coincidence or our universe is trying to tell me something, oh yeahhh among millions of possibilities there lays the one I chuckle at when I think of it every time . Yes it’s it’s official I am insane to think the way I do!!!

Here is what happened,

Day 1

While walking around on Sandy Beach I ran into a guy who was digging under the nearby rocks with a long metal stick. The truth is he wasn’t on my path I had been walking around but it was more like, I walked over to him because I was curious to see what he was doing since I want to find things too you now :-)

He and I somehow communicated and I found out that he was looking for octopus.

In about 20 minutes or so later I ran into another guy with a stick in his hand, who was also digging around and looked preoccupied. I walked over to him and asked, are you looking for octopus? he said nope, I’m looking for snails!

Again, even though he didn’t speak any English and since my spanish is consisted of tacos and tamales our conversation was limited, however I still managed to find out he came to puerto Penasco from Mexico City on a train, upon hearing that and I got really excited thinking we could go there on a train since I was slightly afraid of driving cross Mexico, ( by the way no reason other than the one in my mind) but my excitement was short-lived when I found out that it took him a whole week to get here on a train. Although I was truly Impressed by this no limit person but this sort of travel sounded like a disaster for an impatient personality like myself and on the other hand I loved acknowledging the phenomenal nature of the things we can accomplish like not needing to speak the same language to communicate, since we had made up all of the languages ourselves in the first place.

Day 2

As soon as I got up the next day I looked at the tide chart to find out the times for low tide and headed to another nearby beach with Jon. (I suppose the one in front of our condo wasn’t good enough to dig for snails:-)

After walking around for about an hour the score was I, less than 10 - Jon none.

My Hercules boyfriend was disappointed but I knew at the end he would be the the one to find most Snails and sure enough he did it by turning the rocks over to look underneath them and started finding four or five of them at a time.

When the tide came in three hours later we were force to call it a day and returned to our condo.

We have no idea how to cook snails after searching on the Internet for a little while Jon suggest to call our a new best friend Jose to find out if they were edible and if so how we could cook them. At the end he came over helped us cook them while I made some pasta he and Jon cleaned them up.

We invited him and Irving (my new best friend who is helping me upload my new products to my website) to join us for dinner on the deck and we ate it all up while watching the sunset and talked about the other sea creatures we could find around here.

Day 3

Even though we were excited to eat what we found the night before, the snails we cooked was a bit to chewy for our taste but even with that we found ourselves in a car going toward another section of the beach the next morning with full of anticipation to find more stuffff 😻 whoopee

It was less than 20 minutes after we found couple of starfish that Jon found 3 netted nylon bags full of hundreds of snails. Wowwwww seriously what’s happening, should I now be thinking that our universe is seriously abundant and like it or not, whatever we focus on, is what expend.

Thank you for reading it and if you like it please share.

With love

Gulten Dye