Story behind the scenes Creating my interchangeable jewelry

Story behind the scenes

When my love affair with jewelry making started in early 2001 so did my quest to improve what was available for a person like myself, who unlike the trained professional could not make all things from scratch but instead had to take what was available on the market to create artisan jewelry. My educational and working background was in operating room Nursing, so when such a person decides to make anything, just like in an operating room, mediocrity didn't work, for me each piece of jewelry I made had to look amazing and expensive but didn't cost an arm and a leg. It had to be comfortable to wear, last a lifetime, and be interchangeable to be able to change its appearance as often as your outfit and mood changed.

Even my earlier efforts to make such jewelry made one of my girlfriends say" when you are done playing with your charm bracelets put your big girl panties on and come over to Gulten Dye to see what real jewelry looks like". ( Even though I found that sentence a little bit controversial I also see truth in it. Because I believe a beautiful creature like a woman at any age, deserves to have spectacular jewelry as herself.

Easy connect system and the product was created by me with you in mind. Last 15 years I searched and found the best of the best from many different companies, from many different countries and decided to put my final creative touch on them in the USA.

I now invite you to create your own look and be the new generation wearer of interchangeable jewelry who are not satisfied with mediocrity but instead embraces perfection.

With Love

Gulten Dye

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