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The Fallacy of Fulfilling our Full Potential

Early this morning, a clear knowing gave me an aww inspiring insight.

I must say this significant bit of knowledge woke me up a tidbit more from one more continued endless fallacies of my life.

For me, it was as if someone instantly took all the stacked-up weight I piled up off my shoulders, leaving me weightless.

Like a child, I sprung up on the large wooden coffee table and, through my arms in the air.

I can't believe I never thought about this.

What a relief.

Like everything else in our universe, our potential continuously expands itself without any limitations!


To think that it is possible to fulfill anything, including one's potential, is no different from our old way of thinking about our universe.

We thought our solar system and the universe were fixed entities, but We now know it's continuously expanding.

So maybe I will relax and enjoy the ride until my brain can't see its capacity of never-ending probabilities.

So next time you fulfill a dream and are on top of the mountain, permit yourself to close your eyes.

Rest awhile and enjoy that accomplishment.

And when you are ready to open your eyes once again, take in the brand new scene ever expending right in front of you.

Maybe instead of thinking you only have one fixed potential to fulfill and sit on top of that mountain, you could start yet another journey.

With Love

Gulten Dye


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