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When I start speaking, it is inevitable to see the question beginning to form in the individual's mind.

And somewhere along the way, Curiosity cannot take it any longer.

Where are you from?

The funny thing is this happens even when I visit my city, Istanbul.

(After so many years of not speaking the language I was brought up with, I talk Turkish like a foreigner.)

After becoming a registered nurse, I left Turkey and found myself married in the Philippines and later in the US with two wonderful kids and a divorce certificate.

My love affair with creating jewelry started when  I was still practicing as a registered nurse in Las Vegas Leaving my job and plunging into the unknown is something I am good at doing. 

So I left six months after my first introduction to a wild world of sparkling colors of gems.

For many years I felt like a newborn baby without a mommy, but it was evident from the beginning that the universe of being creative is what I was born for; luckily, I had the personality to fly along with it.

It took me twenty-two years and a short trip back to Nursing to remember that I have what it takes to live in the unknown. 

We all do.

Our forgetting the state of all things being unknowable is a recipe for most of our suffering.

I am here again at the beginning of a new adventure, and I want to take you along with me to a magical place where you can enjoy the ZONE where anytime you genuinely engage with any activity, you connect with the eternal now.

When you look around my website, you may notice another passion of mine, writing which showed up way back in middle school.


When selecting a professional speaker for your next event, choose the perfect balance of leadership, entrepreneurship and artistic force - Gulten Dye.

As an author, business leader and artist. Gulten understands that much of our success if the result of effective transition awareness - connecting the dots. This message is so powerful it leaves your guests with a renewed passion for what is possible. With her experience speaking in North America as well as abroad, Gulten is able to customize a message for your next event.

Gulten Dye is author of "The Missing Link to Success"

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