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Jewelry Repair


What We Fix:

Beaded Jewelry




Stretch Bracelets


Welcome to my Jewelry Fixing Service, where I take pride in restoring the beauty and charm of your beloved accessories. With meticulous attention to detail and a passion for craftsmanship, I offer specialized repairs for beaded jewelry, clasps, chains, and stretch bracelets.

 I understand the sentimental value attached to every piece, and I'm committed to ensuring that your jewelry shines once again under my expert touch. Whether it's a simple restringing, intricate beadwork repair, or a clasp replacement, I handle each task with care and precision.

No clasp is too fiddly, and no chain is too delicate for my skilled hands. I take pride in meticulously repairing and replacing clasps, ensuring that your bracelets and necklaces are securely fastened and ready to adorn you once more. From intricate lobster clasps to elegant hooks, I approach each repair with dedication and attention to detail.

Whether it's gold, silver, delicate, or bold, I handle them all with expertise, ensuring that your piece retains its luster and elegance.

And for those beloved stretch bracelets that have lost their elasticity, I work my magic to restore their comfortable fit, so you can wear them with confidence once more.

In my Jewelry Fixing Service, it's not just about repairing jewelry; it's about preserving memories and honoring the stories behind each piece. Trust me to revive your cherished jewelry, so you can continue to wear and treasure them for years to come. 

With any specific questions about repairs, feel free to message me below or give me a call at (702) 250-4359!

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