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I am in LOVE with Gulten Dye Jewels!  Gulten is the most talented and beautiful (inside & out) artist. This love affair of GD Jewelry has spanned over 20 years. Gulten’s attention to detail is breathtaking.  She has taken outdated pieces and reinvented them into modern favorites.  She has also done some amazing custom designs for wedding parties that  added a unique finishing touch to the wedding as well as this being a beautiful custom bridesmaid’s gift.  I will always look forward to GD Jewels newest designs!

Carroll A. Barson

I have known Guten Dye since she was a  charge nurse at UMC.
One year she went on a trip to Europe & Turkey and came home with the most amazing jewelry.  I still have the first piece of jewelry I bought from her from that trip.
She had such a good eye for jewelry that she was encouraged to start designing her own jewelry and created the most amazing pieces of art.
Gulten brings her love of life and nature to every piece she creates.  I enjoy all of the jewelry that I have bought from her and have given many pieces 
as gifts.  My friends and family are always excited to receive one of her pieces.
She is happy to share her knowledge and talent with others.  She has taught me to create some pieces and worked with me to make them something I am proud of. 
Gulten Dye creates jewelry in every price point so anyone can enjoy her creations.  I am proud to say I have some of her “one of a kind” higher end pieces and love them.  
Jorina Garetto
I have not shopped at Nordstrom or anywhere else for quality jewelry since meeting Gulten Dye! Why would I, when with Gulten I can get versatile, gorgeous pieces specifically tailored to my color, length, and taste? I feel like a celebrity when I shop with Gulten, and get compliments on one-of-a-kind creations. There’s also the added bonus of supporting a small business. So fun! Everyone deserves a Gulten Dye!
Sarah Natale
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I never thought of myself as big into jewelry. My style is quite simple; I like solid fabrics in either black, white, denim or jewel tones, and basic cuts. When I met Gulten Dye 20 years ago, I realized I could wear her jewelry designs to spruce up my basic wardrobe, create accents and definitely strike up a conversation! Jewelry designs by Gulten are handmade with quality, care and precision.
Today, I still collect pieces from Gulten Dye and wear them regularly. These timeless pieces have become a trademark of mine!
Stacey Shea
Gulten Dye jewelry is exquisite.  She selects glorious crystals and quality chains and makes her own secure clasps.  Gulten is a very talented designer.  I own quite a lovely collection of her jewels and have never regretted a purchase
Pamela Goldberg
Las Vegas.
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Not everyone who creates is a true artist—an artist who instinctively senses how to combine crystals, stones, and colors to design something uniquely exquisite. Gulten Dye innately senses and sees inside your soul, which causes her many times to reach for one of her pieces of jewelry you might not have considered. When she places it around you, the feel of it against you makes you sigh with the knowledge that this piece is perfect for you. 
Gulten Dye jewelry creations are unique, and it doesn't matter how many pieces of jewelry you already have of hers, it is never enough. We love everything she creates, and we want it all.  As a designer, Gulten can see how to improve upon what already exists in the market as far as clasps, and integral pieces that are a part of jewelry making. And she has manufactured many such designs that are hers alone.
Every once in a while, a genuinely talented artist emerges, an artist whose creations never remain the same, but continuously change to satisfy the artist’s new way of looking at what can be created. Gulten Dye is that rare, unique creator of so much beauty. 
Joan Peck 
There is not a day that goes by that I am not complimented from wearing a Gulten Dye jewelry piece. Her pieces are timeless and classy. I have admired her jewelry and keep coming for more for over 15 years. She has inspired me to be the best woman I can be. Her work of art are all truly one in a million and that is how I feel when I am wearing her jewelry.
Kara Faine

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