Customer Testimonials

I am in LOVE with Gulten Dye Jewels!  Gulten is the most talented and beautiful (inside & out) artist. This love affair of GD Jewelry has spanned over 20 years. Gulten’s attention to detail is breathtaking.  She has taken outdated pieces and reinvented them into modern favorites.  She has also done some amazing custom designs for wedding parties that  added a unique finishing touch to the wedding as well as this being a beautiful custom bridesmaid’s gift.  I will always look forward to GD Jewels newest designs!

Carroll A. Barson

I have known Guten Dye since she was a  charge nurse at UMC.

One year she went on a trip to Europe & Turkey and came home with the most amazing jewelry.  I still have the first piece of jewelry I bought from her from that trip.

She had such a good eye for jewelry that she was encouraged to start designing her own jewelry and created the most amazing pieces of art.

Gulten brings her love of life and nature to every piece she creates.  I enjoy all of the jewelry that I have bought from her and have given many pieces 

as gifts.  My friends and family are always excited to receive one of her pieces.

She is happy to share her knowledge and talent with others.  She has taught me to create some pieces and worked with me to make them something I am proud of. 

Gulten Dye creates jewelry in every price point so anyone can enjoy her creations.  I am proud to say I have some of her “one of a kind” higher end pieces and love them.  

Jorina Garetto

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