Don't judge a book by its cover

On Memorial Day Monday, we decided to visit the Pioneer Saloon in Good Springs, about 40 miles outside of Las Vegas. While we failed to remember the annoyance of holiday weekend traffic going south on I -15, thankfully, our exit was right at Jean, Nevada so it only took us an extra fifteen minutes to get to the tiny town. After driving around for about ten minutes and joking about buying a vacation place there we went into the historic Pioneer Saloon.

Although the saloon itself isn’t much to brag about, as with all things, once we relaxed into the moment we met our new best friends, who were motorcyclists. Of course, like many unwise people, I had my judgments about bikers. Oftentimes, I forget that the so-called bikers are nothing more than people just like me. The only difference is that they like riding motorcycles and I am afraid. So, once I dropped the judgment, within seconds after I met them, my boyfriend and I had a beautiful blessed afternoon with them.

So, in conclusion, it’s worth the trip. The food at the Pioneer Saloon was decent, as well as the service, but the people who we spent time with were spectacular, even though none of them wore gultendye jewelry yet.

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