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Recreating Magic!

I chanced upon an unassuming twig as I strolled through the lush forest. Naturally, I couldn't resist picking it up immediately transforming it into my imaginary sword. My adventure continued, leading me to spot another considerably longer stick leaning casually against a tree.

Yet, still captivated by the childlike wonder of the moment, I carelessly slid my make-believe sword beneath the newfound stick, intending to whisk it into my grasp. To my sheer astonishment, instead of vanishing into the unknown, it perched perfectly atop my twig, swaying gently from side to side. Miraculously, I managed to maintain this delicate equilibrium for over five minutes.

And as you might have guessed, eventually, it tumbled to the forest floor. I spent the following half-hour or so attempting to recreate that enchanting moment, but my efforts proved futile.

This experience gave me a valuable lesson: We cannot conjure magical moments at will. Instead, these instances of enchantment grace us when we are wholly immersed in the present, allowing us to witness magic as it unfolds before our very eyes.


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