Sedona, Arizona

The drive of less than five hours was an easy breeze with my wonderful companion, Jon. We entered Sedona through the spectacular Oak Creek Canyon. It was such a wonderful place that I could’ve spent a year, sitting on a rock there, listening to the wind as it cast its spell among the trees and the enchanted red rocks of the mountains.

What can I say about Sedona other than you better drop all your excuses and get on over there to experience the breathtaking views provided by generous Mother Earth. As for us, after walking around a couple of hours and sharing and ice cream like two little children, we got in our car to go see the Chapel of the Holy Cross, before we went on a pink jeep tour to explore the vortex point.

If you ask me, you will be disappointed if you think you’re being taking to the points of the strong vortex energy, other than in one spot that we were shown from a distance. You can get a vortex map and do it yourself. My recommendation is that the jeep tour is great if you just go for the enjoyment of seeing Sedona.

The jewelry in Sedona lacked the bling and was, of course, southwestern. I think that town needs my jewelry but it needs nothing to add to its natural beauty.

Be sincere

While booking a tour in Sedona, instead of paying, I finally caved in and agreed to go to a timeshare presentation at nine am the next day.

The day of the presentation, we woke up in our beautiful room in Sedona Pines / Highlands Resorts at Verde Ridge overlooking a beautiful valley. After a quick shower, I grabbed the coffee Jon made and threw myself into the arms of the rocks and the trees right outside of our sliding doors. Soon afterward, he joined me with just as much excitement, and we went for a long stroll but regretfully, we had to leave to go to our presentation.

Soon after we got there, a beautiful lady who appeared to be in her 40s strolled over to us. At first glance, I noticed her tastefully chosen clothes, well put together on her enviable figure. We followed her to a small kitchen where she got us some coffee and, unlike what I had envisioned, there was no food in sight; not even a crumb.

During her presentation she appeared to be interested and loving. Ok, maybe loving is too strong of a word. This was sort of educational for me Instead of being talked into a time share, we were being talked to about a point system.

Everything she was talking about made sense to me. Other than the price that I couldn’t afford, I was totally interested. The whole time we were there with her, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of the wide-hammered silver ring on her right finger. When she was done, she left the table to give us time to consider. After a couple of minutes, she returned but her mannerism had changed to be cold and disinterested.

I was trying to understand what had just happened and why she had departed without even a courteous goodbye. A well-seasoned, heavy set man appeared at our table. After his short pitch, I asked why she had disappeared without saying goodbye. He explained that this is a numbers game. So I understood that when she had decided in her mind that we were not interested, she moved on to her next hunt.

His proposition was something I could afford and was totally interested in. I had told him to give us his final offer since we weren’t interested in losing any more time there. We walked out very disappointed. Instead of giving us the bottom line straight up, he kept coming up with more incentives, which made us distrust the whole thing.

My biggest disappointment was her lack of understanding that all businesses are nothing more than a service for those who are interested in them. My hope for her is to remember that, although sales may be a numbers game, she will have better odds if she tries a little sincerity. Thank you for reading please share.

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